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Parent Information

​"The most effective kind of education is to play amongst lovely things". Plato​

​Parents as Partners


We fully recognise the importance of parents and carers in a child’s developing stages. As a primary care provider you are your child’s first educators and we greatly value any input, opinions and information you can share with us about your child’s learning and progress. To support this, we also produce an online ‘Learning Journey’ that records your child’s learning and achievements whilst they are at nursery. They show photos and written observations of both child-initiated activities and directed tasks. These are available for you to look through via a personal log in which is given to you at the start of the academic year.  We also encourage you to contribute to these by making small observations at home. (For example if your child is able to identify numbers, or you may notice him or her using the remote control to change the channel correctly to channel 3. This is showing us that your child can recognise the number three independently and is aware of the use of ICT equipment in your home.)

Toilet Training - Please note that children attending our preschool should be fully toilet trained and children wearing nappies will only be considered due to a medical need or special circumstance.

Collecting Children - The Nursery will only let a child go with an adult at the end of the session if a parent has informed us that the child is to be picked up by another adult. That adult must be named by the parent at the start of the session or by phone during the session. If an adult comes to pick up a child without our knowledge the child will be kept at nursery and a phone call will be made to the parent.


Clothing - We strongly encourage that children in our nursery wear the nursery uniform. Details can be found in our uniform policy download at the bottom of the page. We also would like children to bring some sensible slippers to nursery as well as a pair of wellington boots.

Most importantly, our family ethos is central to our nursery and as such, we operate an `Open-Door Policy’ where parents are actively encouraged to meet with staff to discuss any concerns at the earliest opportunity. Staff are available at 8.30 am or 3.30pm to answer any questions.   

Phone calls to the Nursery Office are welcome, where the nursery admin staff will offer their assistance, or will arrange an appointment with members of staff if requested.

Visiting the Nursery

If you would like to visit our setting we warmly welcome visits from prospective parents. Our show around day is on a Wednesday at 10am. If you would like to book a visit then please use the contact form. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHOW AROUNDS ARE CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO THE CURRENT PANDEMIC.


Please note that a successful application for the nursery does not mean your child will automatically get a place in our Reception classes. All Reception applications are handled by the Local Authority and will need to be applied for separately.

Heat Risk Assessment

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