Meet the Team!

Our Dedicated Staff


Mr M Ammon

Nursery Manager

Mr Ammon is an experienced Early Years Teacher and Leader and is our Nursery Manager here at Rise Park Sunbeams Nursery.


Miss L Holt

Nursery Practitioner

Miss Holt has been with us for just over a year and is a level 3 qualified Nursery Assistant.


Miss J Braybrooke

Nursery Practitioner

Miss Braybrooke has been with us for 3 years and is a level 3 qualified Nursery Practitioner.


Miss K Lund

Apprentice Nursery Assistant

Miss Lund is currently studying for her Level 3 Nursery Assistant Qualification

Miss M Smith 

Nursery Apprentice

Miss Smith is our newest member of staff and is currently studying for the Level 3 Nursery Assistant Qualification.

Nursery MDA's

Miss E Richardson

Mrs L Larkman

We have two dedicated and qualified Nursery Midday Assistants who run our Lunchtime Session.